Moving House

Whether you are buying your first home, adding to your Property Portfolio or in fact selling as an Executor as part of the administration of estate; the nature of the Conveyancing process and the end result is still the same. To have a hassle free sale or purchase. It is an unfortunate fact of the Conveyancing process, that emotions, expectations and such are heightened throughout the sale or purchase of a property. Here at Roberts Crossley solicitors, we will provide immeasurable support and guidance to ease the transaction for you. We have an online tracker service, which allows you to keep abreast of the on-goings of your file. We are willing to deal with third parties and liaise with Estate Agents to ensure all parties are updated.


Whether you are wishing to take advantage of a better mortgage deal and rate or release the equity in your home, Roberts Solicitors is the ideal choice for you. We will meet your Remortgaging needs and ensure that we offer advice, guidance and expertise for the service.  We liaise with Mortgage lenders and Brokers daily, we are on the Panel of all major Lenders and shall review your new offer in depth so as to ensure no nasty surprises are revealed, so as to allow a hassle free Remortgage transaction.

Transfer of Title

Are you looking to transfer the ownership of a property from yourself to another or to add someone on to your property title?  Although this is a fairly straightforward process, it is vital that it is completed correctly to ensure everything is in order with the Land Registry and to prevent no issues in the future.  We can help with every step of the Transfer of Title process and in doing so, commit to providing the support to complete your transfer efficiently and correctly. We will contact the necessary parties of the transaction, whether that be the Land Registry or any separate representation (solicitors) on your behalf and ensure that all the necessary documentation is completed properly. We will also explain any factors that may arise from the transfer - giving you the peace of mind that all the legal details have been covered correctly.

Buying at Auction

Purchasing at auction can be a daunting but exciting experience where the transaction is fast past but largely unknown.  Roberts Crossley Solicitors can guide you through the auction process and provide full legal expertise to ensure the transaction completes with ease. We will ensure that we achieve the legal deadline imposed for completion, and will endeavor to provide you will guidance and advice, where you so require.

Tenancy agreements

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a sound Tenancy agreement is requisite to a trouble free tenancy.  The Tenancy Agreement should stipulate rights, conditions, responsibilities so as to ensure both Landlord and Tenant are clear as to their duties/actions. Roberts Solicitors offers expert advice as to content of Tenancy agreements, issues with deposits, inventories or maintenance of the property, for example. 


Business Leases and Licenses

Whether you are a Landlord looking to grant a Lease or License to a prospective tenant or you a Tenant looking to obtain a Lease or License from a Landlord then we are here to assist and advise you on ensuring the said Lease or License meets your specific needs and requirements.  Choosing whether to opt for  a licence or a lease depends on your individual needs and obligations as a Landlord and similarly, as a Tenant the impact of these needs and obligations can affect your business. Roberts Crossley Solicitors are able to advise business' and individuals alike in relation to preparing a New Lease or License, explaining the contents of the Lease or License along with any obligations set out therein. Before agreeing or signing your Lease or License, contact us on 01625 43 1111 for piece of mind to ensure the Lease or License is right for you.