Our  experienced Employment Lawyers based in Macclesfield are devoted to providing prompt, practical and authoritative legal advice. 

We are experts in every aspect of employment law and are also specialists within individual practice areas, such as discrimination, redundancy, compromise agreements.

Discrimination at Work

The law provides protection against discrimination at work. Our solicitors at Roberts Crossley are able to provide the required guidance and support to resolve an issue of unfair treatment or make a claim against an employer on the grounds of discrimination.

Discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or because you are pregnant is illegal. Raising this as an issue with your employer is a frightening prospect. We are here to guide you through the options available and, where necessary, follow this through to an Employment Tribunal. Our solicitors will clearly explain how the law protects you and what outcome, timescale and cost will be likely to be achievable.  If you believe you have been unlawfully discriminated against, call us today on 01625 43 11 11.


If you are in the process of being made redundant, we understand this is extremely daunting and it is common you will have lots of questions. You’ll want to know if your employers have given you the correct notice, if you will receive redundancy pay and if the redundancy is fair.  The majority of employers handle the process correctly and assist their employees through this difficult time. However, if your employer is making redundancies and you need support to ensure that you’re fairly treated, we can help.

If you believe that you have been made redundant unfairly, action must be taken as soon as possible. It’s imperative that you act quickly as you only have a short window of three months from the end of your employment to make a claim for unfair dismissal.

Our specialist redundancy solicitors have vast experience in dealing with redundancy cases and will provide all the assistance and advice you need to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. We will explain to you redundancy law in a way that’s free from legal jargon and with clarity to enable you to understand the process, what you are entitled to and to help you plan ahead for the future. 

If your case does progress to an Employment Tribunal, if it cannot be resolved directly with your employer, we will help you through the process, supporting you and ensuring you fully understand you rights and what you are entitled to step by step throughout the process.